Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What a busy few weeks of March it has been already! Rather than do indvidual posts I will put them all in one. We will go backward from St. Patrick's Day because that is the order blogger puts the pictures in and I don't want to mess with rearranging them. So...

ST. Patrick's Day 2010

She wanted to buy Green High Heals but settled for her black boots
She does dress her self!
Hats they made today

The Garbage man let the boys man the control on the garbage truck

Evan mid something

We went to a friends 7th Birthday Party
Happy Birthday Maddie (in pink)

On our wayhome from the Zoo we saw a fire off the side of the freeway. A lumber yard caught on fire

Nice close up of my face

Train Ride at the Zoo

Family Time

We were able to get really cheap family passes to the Zoo for the next year. We will make many trips there I am sure. The kids enjoy going and there is a nice play area for them to play

We went on a Field Trip with friends to Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Factory. It was a beautiful day and the kids had a great time and got to play at the park

It rained one day and there was a beautiful rainbow- the kids and I enjoyed talking about God's Promise to Never Flood the Earth again. We read the story of Noah and talked about it.

Caden had the Chicken Pox and had to stay home from church 2 weeks in a row. He and I got to go outside and enjoy the sun

Hannah's 4th Birthday is this month, Jason and I took the kids to go see Disney on Ice for her birthday

Evan pretending to be surprised

Did I mention all my kids dress themselves!!!


Joy Howse said...

LOVE all the pictures! I took Lexi to see Princess on Ice for a Christmas present when she was 4 yrs old. She still talks about it to this day. We have passes to Sea World and I am REALLY hoping we can use them a couple times this summer before they expire. It is about 100 miles from us though so it is a commitment when we want to go (thankfully my sisters live down there so we have people to go with) I wish we lived there because then we would go more often and get zoo passes too.

My kids dress themselves too... it does get better. Eventually they get an opinion and start matching. Some of the combos are interesting. :)

Kelly Rogers said...

I love all the pics! It looks like you guys have done a lot of fun things as a family this month. We took Gavin to the zoo recently and had a lot of fun, but your zoo looks way cooler! There isn't a train or play area at our zoo. Your kids are going to have such great memories of your special times together.