Tuesday, June 2, 2009


May was a busy month for us, Evan was sick the first part of the month with the flu followed by pneumonia. The weekend of May 15th my younger brother Kevin came down from Washington and took all of us into San Francisco and to the Giants game. The kids did amazingly well, it was very hot and we were sitting in the direct son. Then after the game we walked and walked in the city and the kids didn't complain at all. At the end of the game the lady in front of us commented to Jason how well behaved the kids were, better than most adults. We also celebrated Evan's 9th birthday that weekend. Evan had a jog a thon at school and many more things but I will do another post with those later. (I can't get my pictures to post in the order I want and every time I try to move them around it messes up even more) Evan in San Francisco

Uncle Ed and soon to be Aunt Arielle with Hannah

The boys

Isn't he cute

Jog a thon funHurry get a bite, I have a camera out. Uncle Kev and his girlfriend Madonna

The Barbee's

Happy boys

Auntie & Uncle Kevin at Evan's birthdau

Good Cake

Not even messy


Uncle Ed and Arielle

Evan was sick on his birthday

He ran 21 laps in 25 minutes that is just a little over 2 miles