Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Food

On March 16th Evan had a surgery called a tongue flap, they closed his palate but to do this they took tissue from his tongue to close the whole and then they sewed his tongue to the roof of his mouth for 2 weeks. He did very well with the surgery and we stayed in the hopsital over night and were able to go home the next night. But Evan could not eat for 2 weeks, everything he would eat had to be in liquid form. Evan is a picky eater so it was tough making things he likes. The first few days he ate milk shakes of ice cream, milk and bananas. By the second week he was willing to eat anything, we got pretty creative and he ate Burritos in a shake, Pizza Shake was his favorite- he didn't like Waffles, Mac N Cheese or something else but I don't remember what that is.

He had surgery on March 30th to remove the tongue from the roof of his mouth and for dinner that night we had promised him Taco Bell.


Joy Howse said...

What a brave guy. Glad to hear that things are going well. That's my kind of first food, taco bell, YUM!! Hope he continues to do well.