Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This rabbit followed us at the park, he got very close to us. If we would have let it, it probably would have come right up to us. It hailed this day repeatedly, if you look closely you can see the hail in the air and on the ground


I am late at posting Easter pictures, we had an Easter Egg hunt at church (no pictures) and then had my sister and her family over for a quick lunch and later in the evening had my brother in law and his fiance over (no pictures). Then the next week we celebrated Easter with my in laws. My mother in law had to work on Easter so we waiting until she had a night off. She had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and we had some really good food.


Hannah is such a helper, she always wants to help me do the dishes, fold the laundry, put daddies Pepsi in the fridge, sweep or whatever I am doing. The other night I was working on dinner but had a basket of unfolded laundry and turned around and she was folding them. The video isn't great but it shows how conscientious she is and how good at it she is.