Friday, March 27, 2009


Evan had surgery on Monday March 16 and has had to stay home from school the entire 2 weeks. He will be having surgery on Monday March 30 to remove the stitches and repair any holes in his palate. Then he should be able to go back to school. The toughest thing has been that he can't eat. He can drink everything and has to fit through a straw except he can't use a straw. I will post on some of his favorites and least favorites later.

My niece and nephew came to town from Colorado to keep him company and help with his 2nd week of missing school. We have had to stay home for the most part but yesterday we had a post op/pre op appointment in Oakland and I decided to go to the zoo before we went.

Here are some pictures of our outting. We had a great time, although Caden has been a few times before this was the first time he really recognized the animals and enjoyed watching them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Party

Evan had surgery last Monday and is having more surgery next Monday so we decided to have a small party with just family and we invited the family of the boy I babysit. She had a blast here are some pictures from the day.

Hannah's Birthday

Hannah turned 3 on Saturday. We celebrated by picking her cousins up at the airport, going out to brunch and taking Hannah to the mall to get her ears pierced. Here are pictures of getting her ears pierced, she only cried for a few seconds and then was happy. It helped having her cousins there.