Monday, February 2, 2009

Outting at the park

We have been having BEAUTIFUL weather so on Saturday rather than being holed up in the house all day we took the kids to a regional park not far from us that none of us had ever been to. We only saw a small part of it but we will go back and see more another weekend.

We started at the botanical garden, most of the plants were the same but we enjoyed the hike- next time we know not to bring the stroller a little too much work pushing it up the hills.

I thought this looked realy neat the way the trees cris-crossedI said several times how pretty everything was and when Hannah walked by this dead tree she stopped, stared and said how beautiful it was!
The kids were at the top of a stair case leading to a little nursery. Evan came down a little quick and Hannah took off after him, if I had not been at the bottom and caught her about 3 steps up she would have "Bit the Dust" as she said
There was a little farm with Goats, Cows, Chickens, Roosters, Hens a turkey and sheep. Next time we will bring celery and lettuce so the kids can feed them.
All 3 kids enjoyed playing on this play structure for a few minutes at the end of our day