Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I do what she says

Hannah walks around with an authoritative voice at times andfor the most part Caden does what she tells him to. The other day I was going to change his diaper and she asked if she could do it, so I let her help. She told him to lay down and he did, most of the time for

Here she is getting him all ready, he is even smiling and having fun
look how long my hair is getting!

She did it mostly by herself, she even knows how to use the baby wipes on him and she then washes her hands with soap and water when she is done. My replacement I tell you!


Joy Howse said...

I need to find me a replacement myself. :) My 9 year old, a boy, is a HUGE help in ALL areas but diaper changes. My 4 year old wants to be a helper but ends up messing with him to make him laugh and the diaper change gets out of control. Very cute and thanks for sharing.