Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I know it has been forever since I posted anything. We have been busy. Many doctors appointments and then we had family in town for Thanksgiving.

Quick update

Caden had his 2nd set of tubes put in on the 21st of November and they did an ABR sedated hearing test at that same time. Shortly after they sedated him his throat closed up, I don't know all the details because they didn't tell me too much other than that. I know it was pretty scary in there (from the Audiologist) and from the way he was when I saw him in the recovery room. After several hours he did start breathing better and was looking better. They kept us the night for observation. Hannah and Evan got to spend 2 nights at Aunties during this and really enjoyed that. On the Friday Jason dropped some clothes off for them and Hannah informed him that she was not leaving with him, she was going to spend the night again.

The next week my brothers and dad arrived from Washington on Monday morning and on Tuesday Night my mom and my niece and nephews from Colorado arrived. We all enjoyed having them and stayed up way too late every night, but thankfully my kids slept in and when they didn't Uncle Jim was here to get up with them.

This week we started right back in with doctors appointments. On Monday we went and met with the Audiologist since I didn't get to meet with her the day of the ABR. Caden has moderate hearing loss in his right ear but his left ear is within the normal range. We are not sure why he has the hearing loss but she is pretty sure it is the permanant kind and can't be fixed. We had him measured for a hearing aid and are thankful that our insurance should cover most of it.

Hannah has been her typical busy body self and cracks me up. One day last week she had changed her clothes for the 3rd time already and put shorts and a tank top on. It was probably aobut 55 degrees outside. When I told her to go get her pants back on she said "my mom Actually my new mom Karen Isbury told me to wear these". I read books by Christian Author named Karen Kingsbury and I am sure this is who Hannah is talking about. Karen Isbury was here for a few hours that day but she went away until yesterdy when I had Hannah dressed in her warm clothes with socks and tennis shoes on. She went in her room to put her jammies on her bed and came back out in what else her sweather and shorts and high heal shoes then she told me Karen Isbury is in her room babysitting her dolls and wants her to wear these clothes.