Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

Blogger does not always put the pictures in the order I want them, rather then moving them all around I may have to skip a litlte in story and go back.

For me growing up it was a big deal to get the kids reaction on Christmas morning with all the presents out under the tree, another tradition was getting up super early. We have changed that tradition a little over the years and what use to be super early (5 or 6 AM) when I was a kid has been changed to 9 or 10 for my kids. I am blessed to have them sleep in so why start waking them up early :-) The plan was to have breakfast at 9:30 with my sister & her family and Uncle Ed then to open gifts. We didn't wake up until 9:30 so we were already off to a late start. Everyone arrived by 10 and Jason had breakfast made and ready to go. We started opening gifts around 10:15 and were done by 11:45 at the latest. Everyone enjoyed what they got and I will post pictures later of my kids playing with their favorite presents. Uncle Ed must have pictures of the kids opening their presents, I will have to check and see. This is what was taken with my cameras. Yes, I got a new user friendly digital camera at the very end of opening the presents! So watch out for more video and pictures on here.

Evan amusing mom by giving her a shocked look

Hannah noticing her unwrapped present under the treeNot quite awake Caden looking at the treeHannah checking out her stroller Caden checking out the presents

Cody playing his new guitar and Jason checking out Evan's new DS

Meagan happy about all her lootCody making sure nothing gets left

Opening presents with Grandpa Robert & Gramma Jewel

At Aunties house for dinner
Rare pictures of Uncle Ed, he is normally the one behind the camera

daddy setting up Hannah's Barbie Camper (1st time around, had to take exchange and we still haven't put together # 2)

Now when I get the kids to leave we have added twins to our load and they have to be dressed, diaper bag packed and buckled into the car before Hannah is ready to leave.

other than my camera and a few other things this is what I got for Christmas
Jason and I were going to his mom's to cook the potatoes since the roast was taking longer than expected. On the way out the door I somehoe slipped on the metal door frame and as I was falling twisted my body so that Caden would not hit his head on the brick step (I was holding him) and during this I twisted and sprained my ankle. You can see it is still pretty swollen and bruised.


Joy Howse said...

OUCH OUCH OUCH on the sprained ankle thing. Looks like everyone had an awesome Christmas. Hope your ankle heals quickly.