Monday, October 6, 2008


This weekend Jason was home and we spent the entire weekend cleaning and rearranging rooms. We converted the playroom back into bedroom and moved Hannah into there we moved Caden out of our bedroom into Evan's room and our livingroom is no longer Toys R Us it is a livingroom. On Sunday Hannah was fighting a cold so we kept her home from church. She informed that she does not like her new room and that I ruined her life by moving her out of her room! Here are pictures from the weekend, we are not completely done with the house but it is looking good.

The kids couldn't play in the playroom, it was too messy so all the toys ended up in the livingroom behind the couch

on the wall

A few weeks ago the kids decided to pull all the stuffed animals out of the nets in the playroom along with half a dozen toys

Jason and I worked hard organizing, sorting and purging this is now what the playroom looks like. It was so nice to have the kids playing in the bedroom and not having to wade through toys to walk in the livingroom

And for the first time in 8 years I do not have a child sleeping in my room!