Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Best Friends

I hope my kids have the friendship with each other that I have with my siblings. Next to Jason and my mom my brothers and sisters are my best friends. We had brotherly/sisterly fights growing up but are still close.

New Jammies

Grandma bought the kids some new Jammies and they wanted to show them off.


Last week was a busy week between doctors appointments, the babies & I go to school "play group" two days a week, the school went to the pumpkin farm one day and we puppy sat Luki (or Wuki as Hannah says) my niece Meagan's new puppy. I think he is 12 weeks old so he requires alot of attention. Here are pictures from the week: Caden & Ms. Darla
She picked the biggest Pumpkin she could find

at the barnyard show

Throwing a tantrum- at one point I had Hannah, Caden and the dog all "crying" and wanting my attention. That was an early nap day.

She loves Dogs

Playing ball with Luki


Happy holding the dog

playing ball with Luki

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Never Alone

Evan has been writing songs of all the songs he has written we consider this one to be his hit

I'm Never Alone
By Evan Dodd
Verse 1: When I'm walking down my street I feel lonely but I just remember that I am not alone, Jesus thank you for being in my heart. I know you are with me
Chorus: Jesus Thank you O Lord, Jesus is in my heart, yeah My only Lord.
Verse 2: When I get home and I'm doing stuff, I call my friends and ask them if they want to come over, they say sorry. Then I start to get homesick but then I remember I'm never alone.
Chorus: Jesus Thank you O Lord, Jesus is in my heart, yeah My only Lord.
Verse 3: Come join me in this song, come join me in this song, come help me get more Chrisitans in this world, for I am never alone, yeah.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekly Post

Caught climbing
Evan lost a tooth today and was mighty proud of it

Hannah use to fall asleep every lunch time, now Caden is following in her foot steps. She heard me coming and was pretending to be asleep (she does wear shirts just not at lunch time)

I went in to check on her at naptime found that she had fallen asleep talking on her play cell phone (I couldn't pass up the photo op)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Here are a few random pics left over from our weekend- Caden got a haircut doesn't he look older?

Puppy Days

My niece Meagan and my sister Jodi drove about 8 hours away (left on Friday and came home on Saturday) to pick up a puppy that Meagan bought herself with money she earned doing babysitting and other odd jobs. On Sunday she brought him over to show us, the kids absolutely loved him.

Hard working

Evan had a book report poster due today, he worked really hard on it and did a great job. When we get it back I will scan it in and post here are a few pictures of him working on it.


The other day I was doing dishes and the kids were having a midmorning snack, Hannah was having a carmel apple lolipop (special treat) and Caden was having animal cookies! Or was he......

Sugar Shock