Friday, August 29, 2008

Two Year Old Mind

My kids want a dog and Hannah asks every day where her doggy is. I thought at first she was talking about her doggy purse or maybe grandma's or aunt Kristen's dog. But she was talking about her dog and when I have told her I don't know where he is she tells me "Evan says its not born yet" , either that or she will ask me when she can get a dog.

Today we were driving home from running errands and the neighbors dog was out in the front lawn- she said " Mommy if we lived over there we would have a dog" she was pointing to the neighbors house. I guess she thinks the dog comes with the house. If you see how she is holding the dog you will see one of the reasons we don't have one. Those poor dogs Misha in particular (grandma's dog) needed therapy after we were there. Hannah would chase after the dog and then if she caught it, Hannah would grab her neck and try and carry her with her legs hanging down. One of the last nights we were there Hannah was sleeping in grandma's bed and I went in to check on her and Misha had climbed up on the bed with her. I guess she felt safe as long as Hannah was sleeping