Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The babies and I got up and out of the house by 8:30 (early if you know me) and were headed down to the hospital for Caden's Pre-Op. Oh how much I don't miss traffic, what should have taken us 30 minutes took about an hour. We got to the appointment a little early, why I don't know. We sat and sat and sat some more, we did see the anesthesiaologist, the admitting and a nurse but most of the time we sat in the waiting room waiting for all of them. When we were down in admitting (a tiny closet) an alarm came over the loudspeak and then one of the staff on the loudspeaker was mentioning a person had kidnapped a baby and was last seen leaving the 5th floor and they described the individual and the baby. My heartstopped and I immediatley made Hannah sit in the stroller instead of walk. The admiting clerk told us to stay in the office with the door shut and she had to take her post. It seemed like hours but was probably more like 5 minutes she came back in and they made an announcement over the loudspeaker that it was just a drill. Drill or no drill it made me edgy- I was there alone with my two children in a not so safe city. When I had to walk over to the medical offices from the hospital I was more aware than I normally would have been and Hannah was being pushed in the stroller even though she wanted to walk.

The appointments went well and Caden is scheduled for Surgery on the 4th of September. He is still to young to understand, but Hannah who is not yet 2 1/2 seems like she understands and can carry a pretty good conversation about Caden's palate being fixed. She is a character and I have a few stories to post from out 4 hour trip but I am too tired now.