Friday, August 29, 2008

My replacement

Not that I am expecting anything to happen to me but if it did, I know who will take my place. Hannah is already trying to be the mother, not only with Evan and Caden but with every day matters.

We went to Costco the other day and I must have run down my list with her because she reminded me of everything on my list and when I was headed up to pay she said " Mom what about dish soap" she knew my list and knew what I forgot.

When we went to the doctors for Caden's Pre-Op and the first person asked me what he was having surgery for Hannah chimed in and said "for his cleft Palate' and she opend her mouth and showed where the palate was. Then they asked if he had any dentures or things that go in his mouth and she said "yes, he has an obturator".

Today we were buying some supplies at Staples and she saw a roladex and asked what it was, when I told her for phone numbers she said you mean ########## and rattled off 7 or 8 numbers. Man is she good!

There are many days they will get quiet and I check on them and she is changing Caden's diaper (now often I just got done changing him) The thing that gets me is he lays still and doesn't move around for her but when Jason or I do it he is squirming, trying to roll over and grabbing for any and everything.

She has recently started helping me with the dishes and she loves this job. When I tell her she can help she grabs a chair and starts pushing it over to the sink. She needs a new change of clothes after but oh well, she has fun.


Carly Peters said...

That is soooo cute! What a little mother she is. Sounds like you are doing a great job. I don't know what I'd do without Reagan my oldest daughter. She is such a little mother too.