Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hippopotamus

Hannah has a favorite video that she will semi watch but wants it on constantly. It is a Mary Rice Hopkins (kids christian singer) that has a lot of fun songs about God and God's love. My sister sang one of the songs with the 3-5 year olds during VBS at church and since Jason and I were teaching we brought Hannah in with us. She loved doing the motions and will sing Hip, Hip, Hippopotamus and hit some of the words. Anyway I found out that she was going to put on a show at a christian school up in Sacramento. Jason has been working 14 hour days but decided to take Friday evening off to go with us so.... Jason, Evan, Hannah, Caden, my niece Meagan and I all started out to Sac at 4:30 (for a 7:00 show). Hannah had picked out a pretty dress, and that took forever, every dress I held up was not pretty enough. I mapquested a map and we were off. Someone should tell mapquest that Elk Grove is now a very populated city and that some of the roads your are really suppose to turn left not right! We followed our directions exactly and ended up lost! After a few phone calls and pulling over to ask for directions we found our destination 10 minutes late. We rush in, all needing to use the restroom and the show had just started. We only missed one song- Hannah had a great time but as the show was nearing an end she still had not heard Hip, Hip, Hippopotamus- Mary said she was going to do one last song and it wasn't "Hannah's song" I had been praying thorughout the show that we would get to hear that song. I was so afraid that we missed it! Anyway just before Mary closed she said I think I will do one more song and GUESS WHICH ONE IT WAS. Hannah was so excited to hear the music and she started dancing and spinning in circles doing the hand motions- it was worth the entire 2+ hour drive there and 1 1/2 drive home (we took a "short cut"). I will try and get a video of her dancing and singing to our video (no video's allowed at the show)