Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Evan's first day of school. He didn't have far to travel (from his bed to the Kitchen). I set up his desk last night while he was sleeping and as time goes by we will add what he needs. The day went great at first, he was excited and very cooperative, after we took a break he was down and dragged Math out for at least 45 minutes. Just about the time we finished I stopped him and we talked a little about how he was feeling and I told him I understand that he will miss his friends but we will try and stay in contact with them. I have a few field trips planned with some friends that also homeschool and I hope to meet more families. Then we prayed and about 15 minutes after we prayed I noticed his attitude improve and he flew through the rest of the day. Uncle Ed even brought a special first day of school lunch (Mc Donalds) and then he and I played the WII while the babies napped. I had also told him that I would take him to Target and let him pick out a little treat in the dollar section. We met Auntie and Uncle Ed there and Auntie bought him a movie to watch tomorrow after his work is done. I told him that he was not going to get something everyday but we would have rewards off an on throught the year. Here are a few pictures of his first day- this is the first year since Kindergarten that he has not cried and tried to reach out to me so that I would stay and not leave him...

Evan found a place he can set his toys up where the babies won't get it