Thursday, August 28, 2008

Double Trouble

This morning I was checking my email and the kids were playing in the livingroom right by the gate. It got very quiet and I went to check, they were playing nicely. So I went to finish up and they got quiet again, I went in to check on them and they were gone. I started back to the playroom and Caden was sitting in the hallway as soon as he saw me he jumped. I knew that Hannah was doing something she wasn't suppose to be doing. Caden was sort of the look out, I go in and Hannah had climbed up on the toy box and was trying to get her ABC game (a puzzle) down. I had told her I would play with her after we cleaned up all the toys in the livingroom- she couldn't wait that long. I tried to get a picture without her noticing so I used my cell phone. The quality of this phone is not as good as the one that went swimming in the toilet.