Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caden Pre-Surgery Prayer

Caden Birth
Caden 4 months old
Caden 1 day post op cleft lip (with Big Brother Evan)
Caden 6 weeks post op
Caden 4 months post op cleft lip 2 weeks before cleft palate repair
In the morning the kids and I will be heading to the hospital for Caden's Pre-Surgery appointment. Caden will be having his cleft palate surgery on September 4th. We ask that you pray along with us for his health from now until then and for his safety during surgery and then his recovery period. If things go like they did with Evan than the surgery will last around 4 hours and we will be in the hospital for 2 days. The other kids will stay with my sister and one of the girls from church is going to help out babysitting during the day. Hannah is excited that she will get to spend the night at Aunties again, every time Evan goes she asks when it is her turn.
We are also asking for prayer for a little girl named Drew that will also be having cleft palate surgery on the same day, at the same hospital, with the same surgeon.


Pamela Dawn said...

Dear Gotz Gang, Thank you for following our journey. There was a reason that I sat down now and looked back at prior posts and saw yours. I have been in prayer for you now for a bit (th 27th at 6;00pm eastern time) I will mark my calendar for the 4th to be in prayer for your procious little Caden. And will be praying for your family as you wait. Dylan had his 4th surgery this past Feb. WE ahve been so blessed in having such wonderful care for him- While in Charlotte, we had a great claft palate team and we were a bit afraid when we moved out here to the Outer Banks that there would not be as good and we ha been in such prayer for that- The Lord is so merciful, and a surgern who is not taking any new patients, and who is the head of Operation Smile here in Norfolk is Dylan's doctor! It was Operation smile who did Dylan's lip repair (inside Dylan's mouth, claft etc was not repaired until Dylan came home to us at almost 4 years old. I'm sorry that I am just running on and on- but, please know that someone on the east coast is lifing you up in prayer. ;) Blessings to you - and if you ever want to chat, about anything- the surgeries, the speach, etc. please just email me- Blessings to you- Pam