Friday, August 8, 2008

All Grown Up

To some of you this will probably sound strange because I still have a baby but...

Hannah is growing up way too fast, she is talking fluently and using things in the right context.
Yesterday she told me that There is no reason for Hannah to take a nap, she has told me probably not when I asked her if I was going to get a kiss and I can't remember all the phrases she has used in the past day and a half. She goes in and uses the potty when she needs to and wants to write and draw all the time. She has succesfully changed Caden's diaper (and done a good job). Tonight she lost on of the cutest words she has used she no longer calls herself Nana she is now pronouncing HANNAH.

When she hits these milestones it makes me sadder than normal. She is the only one of the kids that does not have a cleft so she is hitting all the vocal milestones that Evan did not and that Caden most likely will not. I love my boys and love they way they talk and as Evan grew out of phrases and sounds I missed those too but there is just something different!

I will post some pictures of the kids tomorrow, Jason is finishing up the last few days of 14 hour days. He will take a few days off then go back. I am looking forward to at least a few days of being a normal family again!