Friday, August 29, 2008

My replacement

Not that I am expecting anything to happen to me but if it did, I know who will take my place. Hannah is already trying to be the mother, not only with Evan and Caden but with every day matters.

We went to Costco the other day and I must have run down my list with her because she reminded me of everything on my list and when I was headed up to pay she said " Mom what about dish soap" she knew my list and knew what I forgot.

When we went to the doctors for Caden's Pre-Op and the first person asked me what he was having surgery for Hannah chimed in and said "for his cleft Palate' and she opend her mouth and showed where the palate was. Then they asked if he had any dentures or things that go in his mouth and she said "yes, he has an obturator".

Today we were buying some supplies at Staples and she saw a roladex and asked what it was, when I told her for phone numbers she said you mean ########## and rattled off 7 or 8 numbers. Man is she good!

There are many days they will get quiet and I check on them and she is changing Caden's diaper (now often I just got done changing him) The thing that gets me is he lays still and doesn't move around for her but when Jason or I do it he is squirming, trying to roll over and grabbing for any and everything.

She has recently started helping me with the dishes and she loves this job. When I tell her she can help she grabs a chair and starts pushing it over to the sink. She needs a new change of clothes after but oh well, she has fun.

Two Year Old Mind

My kids want a dog and Hannah asks every day where her doggy is. I thought at first she was talking about her doggy purse or maybe grandma's or aunt Kristen's dog. But she was talking about her dog and when I have told her I don't know where he is she tells me "Evan says its not born yet" , either that or she will ask me when she can get a dog.

Today we were driving home from running errands and the neighbors dog was out in the front lawn- she said " Mommy if we lived over there we would have a dog" she was pointing to the neighbors house. I guess she thinks the dog comes with the house. If you see how she is holding the dog you will see one of the reasons we don't have one. Those poor dogs Misha in particular (grandma's dog) needed therapy after we were there. Hannah would chase after the dog and then if she caught it, Hannah would grab her neck and try and carry her with her legs hanging down. One of the last nights we were there Hannah was sleeping in grandma's bed and I went in to check on her and Misha had climbed up on the bed with her. I guess she felt safe as long as Hannah was sleeping

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some pictures from our Marathon Pre-Op appointment yesterday. Yes, Caden was wearing clothes we were waiting for the doctor to come in and check him out. Plus, we were in a room that had no air circulating around and it was hot.

Double Trouble

This morning I was checking my email and the kids were playing in the livingroom right by the gate. It got very quiet and I went to check, they were playing nicely. So I went to finish up and they got quiet again, I went in to check on them and they were gone. I started back to the playroom and Caden was sitting in the hallway as soon as he saw me he jumped. I knew that Hannah was doing something she wasn't suppose to be doing. Caden was sort of the look out, I go in and Hannah had climbed up on the toy box and was trying to get her ABC game (a puzzle) down. I had told her I would play with her after we cleaned up all the toys in the livingroom- she couldn't wait that long. I tried to get a picture without her noticing so I used my cell phone. The quality of this phone is not as good as the one that went swimming in the toilet.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The babies and I got up and out of the house by 8:30 (early if you know me) and were headed down to the hospital for Caden's Pre-Op. Oh how much I don't miss traffic, what should have taken us 30 minutes took about an hour. We got to the appointment a little early, why I don't know. We sat and sat and sat some more, we did see the anesthesiaologist, the admitting and a nurse but most of the time we sat in the waiting room waiting for all of them. When we were down in admitting (a tiny closet) an alarm came over the loudspeak and then one of the staff on the loudspeaker was mentioning a person had kidnapped a baby and was last seen leaving the 5th floor and they described the individual and the baby. My heartstopped and I immediatley made Hannah sit in the stroller instead of walk. The admiting clerk told us to stay in the office with the door shut and she had to take her post. It seemed like hours but was probably more like 5 minutes she came back in and they made an announcement over the loudspeaker that it was just a drill. Drill or no drill it made me edgy- I was there alone with my two children in a not so safe city. When I had to walk over to the medical offices from the hospital I was more aware than I normally would have been and Hannah was being pushed in the stroller even though she wanted to walk.

The appointments went well and Caden is scheduled for Surgery on the 4th of September. He is still to young to understand, but Hannah who is not yet 2 1/2 seems like she understands and can carry a pretty good conversation about Caden's palate being fixed. She is a character and I have a few stories to post from out 4 hour trip but I am too tired now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caden Pre-Surgery Prayer

Caden Birth
Caden 4 months old
Caden 1 day post op cleft lip (with Big Brother Evan)
Caden 6 weeks post op
Caden 4 months post op cleft lip 2 weeks before cleft palate repair
In the morning the kids and I will be heading to the hospital for Caden's Pre-Surgery appointment. Caden will be having his cleft palate surgery on September 4th. We ask that you pray along with us for his health from now until then and for his safety during surgery and then his recovery period. If things go like they did with Evan than the surgery will last around 4 hours and we will be in the hospital for 2 days. The other kids will stay with my sister and one of the girls from church is going to help out babysitting during the day. Hannah is excited that she will get to spend the night at Aunties again, every time Evan goes she asks when it is her turn.
We are also asking for prayer for a little girl named Drew that will also be having cleft palate surgery on the same day, at the same hospital, with the same surgeon.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hippopotamus

Hannah has a favorite video that she will semi watch but wants it on constantly. It is a Mary Rice Hopkins (kids christian singer) that has a lot of fun songs about God and God's love. My sister sang one of the songs with the 3-5 year olds during VBS at church and since Jason and I were teaching we brought Hannah in with us. She loved doing the motions and will sing Hip, Hip, Hippopotamus and hit some of the words. Anyway I found out that she was going to put on a show at a christian school up in Sacramento. Jason has been working 14 hour days but decided to take Friday evening off to go with us so.... Jason, Evan, Hannah, Caden, my niece Meagan and I all started out to Sac at 4:30 (for a 7:00 show). Hannah had picked out a pretty dress, and that took forever, every dress I held up was not pretty enough. I mapquested a map and we were off. Someone should tell mapquest that Elk Grove is now a very populated city and that some of the roads your are really suppose to turn left not right! We followed our directions exactly and ended up lost! After a few phone calls and pulling over to ask for directions we found our destination 10 minutes late. We rush in, all needing to use the restroom and the show had just started. We only missed one song- Hannah had a great time but as the show was nearing an end she still had not heard Hip, Hip, Hippopotamus- Mary said she was going to do one last song and it wasn't "Hannah's song" I had been praying thorughout the show that we would get to hear that song. I was so afraid that we missed it! Anyway just before Mary closed she said I think I will do one more song and GUESS WHICH ONE IT WAS. Hannah was so excited to hear the music and she started dancing and spinning in circles doing the hand motions- it was worth the entire 2+ hour drive there and 1 1/2 drive home (we took a "short cut"). I will try and get a video of her dancing and singing to our video (no video's allowed at the show)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Caden is starting to have a little personallity and it has been fun watching this develop. He has started playing with Jason when he comes home from work. Jason will walk in the door, Caden will get his attention and start crawling away so Jason will chase him, then he turns and looks and starts giggling. So much fun.

Here are some pictures of him while Evan was doing school and Hannah was playing dress up (pictures of both in posts below).

Every time I aimed the camera at him he smiled

He is throwing a fit because I didn't pick him up

Dress Up

Hannah can now dress and undress herself enough to be dangerous. Today by noon she had gone through 3 or 4 outfits, she had to have a different outfit for whatever she was playing. If she was swimming she had her bathing suit on, if she was going to the doctor she had a different outfit, if she was going to get her husband (she thinks husband can be interchanged with friend) she had a different outfit and when she played water fight (she thinks water fight is chase). I think she changed those outfits at least 6 or 7 times each and was doing great.

After naptime she was back to the same thing, I was trying to take a picture of her and she looked up at me and said "we don't have time for pictures" and took off running. I wanted to show you the ecclectic outfit she was playing in, I wasn't paying attention and when Auntie called and was ready to go to Target, I loaded the kids up and went and she ended up in this outfit. A red, white & blue sun dress, with an orange shirt underneath and had black flip flops (several sizes to big) with these black, white and blue things sticking out. Thankfully, we had different flip flops in the car. This dress by the way was her "bathing suit" when she was playing today.

First Day of School

Today was Evan's first day of school. He didn't have far to travel (from his bed to the Kitchen). I set up his desk last night while he was sleeping and as time goes by we will add what he needs. The day went great at first, he was excited and very cooperative, after we took a break he was down and dragged Math out for at least 45 minutes. Just about the time we finished I stopped him and we talked a little about how he was feeling and I told him I understand that he will miss his friends but we will try and stay in contact with them. I have a few field trips planned with some friends that also homeschool and I hope to meet more families. Then we prayed and about 15 minutes after we prayed I noticed his attitude improve and he flew through the rest of the day. Uncle Ed even brought a special first day of school lunch (Mc Donalds) and then he and I played the WII while the babies napped. I had also told him that I would take him to Target and let him pick out a little treat in the dollar section. We met Auntie and Uncle Ed there and Auntie bought him a movie to watch tomorrow after his work is done. I told him that he was not going to get something everyday but we would have rewards off an on throught the year. Here are a few pictures of his first day- this is the first year since Kindergarten that he has not cried and tried to reach out to me so that I would stay and not leave him...

Evan found a place he can set his toys up where the babies won't get it

Monday, August 18, 2008

You know it is going to be a long day when:

1. Your kids wake up an hour earlier(and you still went to bed at the same late hour)

2. You only let your 2 1/2 year old try on 2 pairs of flip flops at Target and she wanted to try them all on.

3. That same 2 1/2 year old thinks you forgot to get her an Icee at Target and won't let you forget.

4. Your nephew, who babysat last Friday, forgot to take the kids out to play and you are still hearing about it.

5. Your 1 & 2 year old fell asleep the last 5 minutes of a 30 minute car ride and are not going down for a nap (and you need one).

6. Your 1 year old has emptied the toy bins for the 4th time today

7. Your 2 1/2 year old has informed you and continues to inform you that your dinner in the crock pot smells gross and can't be chicken.

8. Your husband will not be home until 8 or 9 at night.

9. You have run through who is NOT coming over today for the 100th time today (can't someone PLEASE come visit today)

10. You have to pick your 8 year old up from a playdate that only took you 30 minutes to drop him off and will take at least an hour and a half to pick him up. While you are stuck in traffic with the same 2 1/2 year old that won't let you forget about the Icee, that Cody didn't take her outside, that she wants to try on more flip flops at Target and with two kids that already fell asleep in at 10:00. The only good news is you won't be home to hear how gross your dinner smells.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

He walked!

He was a mean, lean (and I mean lean), walking machine. Caden was taking steps and walking out from things all night long. Did I have my camera NOOOOOO! It is now charged are ready to go, hopefully I will get some pictures tomorrow. I knew he could do it and knew he was holding back. I just was not expecting him to let me see it so soon. I caught a glimpse of him doing it when he thought nobody was looking , when he made eye contact with me he sat down and started crawling!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Midnight Snack

Evan and I stayed up to watch the Women's All Around Gymnastics competition. It didn't start until after 11:00 PM but we took naps and we were ready. Evan was far more interested in the midnight snack than he was for the gymnastics and he wanted to say he stayed up that late (even though he did it many nights at Christmas when we had our marathon game nights with my entire family). Starting from about 11:15 he asked every few mintues what time it was, at five to twelve he got his snack and was ready to eat as soon as the clock struck twelve...

Here he is 1 hours later

While we watched tv they did this

and he tried to until the flash from the camera woke him up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Climber

Caden loves to climb, we find him sitting on the couch, in the chair or on the kids table. He is always so proud of himself. He is refusing to walk (hmm stubborn I wonder who he takes after) but will cruise along furniture and when he thinks you aren't looking he will take a little step or two. I don't know why I am getting anxious, I can only imagine how crazy it will be when he heads one way and Hannah the other.


I was trying to get the kids to sit down so I could take pictures of them. Caden was not happy with this!
Caden loves to play Peek-A- Boo at the start of the game he always misses his eyes and covers his ears to play. Then after one or two times he starts getting them over his eyes.

At play

The kids and I took some time from our housecleaning to relax, blow some bubbles and watch Hannah's favorite video- Mary Rice Hopkins.

God has really been dealing with me lately that I don't read my Bible enough and that if I did it would be easier to be content with where I am at and to deal with minor things that come up. It seems when the big things come up I am right there in the middle of His word daily and praying out to Him sometimes hourly. So why not when I am going about every day things. I get lazy that is why.
It will help me to be a better, wife, mother and teacher to my children. We will be starting to homeschool in the next few weeks and if I don't spend more time with my Saviour in prayer and in His word how am I going to be able to make it through when the stressful times come. Plus, Caden will be having his second surgery in a few weeks. I am going to start today in his Word every day, I do seem to have countless hours to waste on the computer, have time to talk on the phone, watch tv and the list can go on and on. I would rather make Him the priority in my life again than to wait until something comes up and not be strong!

Friday, August 8, 2008

All Grown Up

To some of you this will probably sound strange because I still have a baby but...

Hannah is growing up way too fast, she is talking fluently and using things in the right context.
Yesterday she told me that There is no reason for Hannah to take a nap, she has told me probably not when I asked her if I was going to get a kiss and I can't remember all the phrases she has used in the past day and a half. She goes in and uses the potty when she needs to and wants to write and draw all the time. She has succesfully changed Caden's diaper (and done a good job). Tonight she lost on of the cutest words she has used she no longer calls herself Nana she is now pronouncing HANNAH.

When she hits these milestones it makes me sadder than normal. She is the only one of the kids that does not have a cleft so she is hitting all the vocal milestones that Evan did not and that Caden most likely will not. I love my boys and love they way they talk and as Evan grew out of phrases and sounds I missed those too but there is just something different!

I will post some pictures of the kids tomorrow, Jason is finishing up the last few days of 14 hour days. He will take a few days off then go back. I am looking forward to at least a few days of being a normal family again!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The kids have been playing house nicely together today. Hannah is the mommy and has taken her baby (Evan) everywhere. Just a little bit ago I heard her dropping him off in the nursery at church, she has such a good imagination. At dinner time they came to a "restaurant" for dinner. She did not like it when Evan kept calling me mom, she would kindly remind him that she is the mom not me. Here are a few pictures from the day