Monday, May 5, 2008

We are home

Last Thursday Caden and I flew up to Washington to see my niece Brittany in her school play. It was a lot of firsts- the first time Caden flew on a plane, first time Caden went on Vacation, the first time I went on vacation without the kids, the first time Jason watched the kids for more than a few hours and the first time my family saw Cadens new face.

My inlaws came over Thursday at 10:30 (of course I was not packed yet!) and we left for the airport at 11:00. We arrived 2 hours before our departure time, I bought an expensive meal at Oakland airport and we hung out for a little while. We arrived in Seattle at 3:45, we were supposed to meet my sisters, two nieces and my mom (all coming in from Colorado) at4:30. Thanks to a freak snow storm in Colorado, on May 1st, they didn't take off before I landed in Seattle, Caden and I had another 2 hour wait at the Seattle Airport. This time I didn't spend $15.00 on a nasty meal. Our luggage was already waiting for us and we headed for the 1 1/2 drive to Olympia. Jodi, Meagan, Caden and I stayed at my brother Jim's house- Kristen, Cassie and my mom stayed at my aunt Noelle's house on the lake.

On Friday, Ed (Brian's brother) and Brian (Kristen's husband) arrived and Kev drove down from Bellevue- Ed took the train up and I guess he walked too much, he wasn't in town for more than a few hours and had to head over to the local ER for an infected blister on his foot. Brian went along for the ride! Friday was spent hanging out with my brothers, sisters, mom and dad. We saw all of my aunts and uncles a few of them came down to Olympia the entire time we were there.

Saturday was the play, it took some work but we arranged for 17 people to meet at the play and minus a few flashes (Ed) of the camera during the play it was uneventful. Brittany did fantastic, as usual. It was the first play of hers I actually got to see live, not on video! Saturday night my mom and all of her brothers and sister went to an auction that my uncle coordinated for The Knights of the Roundtable. My cousin and her family came over and the rest of us stayed at Aunt Noelle's and played games and visited. Kev organized the games so you all know we played some strange but fun games- and since it was Kev everyone played.

Sunday we drove to Bellevue for a BBQ- alot of my cousins came out of the woodwork and we had a Mini Family Reunion I guess the "DODD" Clan needs to head up more often- uneventful except Jim thought Ed & Brian let the air out of his tire but later found a nail in it!

I enjoyed my time away and the kids & Jason did well too. There were no major catastophe's, the only phone call I got other than to say Hi was one from Evan's school on Friday. His Asthma was out of control and he had been in the office 5 times by 2:00 for his inhaler. I was able to make the arrangements, they got him in and treated and he was still able to make it to a birthday party at 4:00.

Now I am back to my responsibilities as a mother and wife- You know I was almost childless the entire trip- all those relatives wanted to hold Caden and it seemed like every time the car with Caden was going one way, I was in the other car headed the opposite direction.

Most of the trip was going from here to there to see reletives, there were alot of people to squeeze in and many we didn't see. My brother Jim and Aunt Noelle arranged a "tour" for us to go on! I will post pictures as soon as I get some from Ed.



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