Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love my kids!

Last night after we came home from Caden's hearing test I was changing his diaper and noticed that he had a blister on his leg. We were concerned but since it was the only one didn't think much about it and thought that maybe it was a bug bite. Except when 5 minutes later Evan came in and said "Mom does this look like Caden's". Evan had a smiliar one on his arm. With all those people coming to celebrate Evan's 8th, Caden's 1st and Jason's 35th birthday we decided to take them to the doctors. The doctor reassured me they didn't have the chicken pox and he was absolutely positive that they had a staph infection and needed to be put on antibiotics. He said that all the kids needed to be treated but Jason and I didn't. After getting home and talking to Jason, Kristen and my mom we were doubting the staph infection. Kristen & my mom saw pictures of it via the cell phone and said it looked a lot like chicken pox to them. We woke up this morning and Caden had a few more, we were still unsettled with the diagnosis the doctor gave him the night before so we all went back to Kaiser today. This doctor was almost positive it was not a staph infection, didn't think it was chicken pox and said it was probably not contagious. We went from one extreme to the other, one doctor telling us to seclude ourselves for a few days to a doctor today telling us to put our children in the church nursery even though we don't know what they have. We are opting out of this option and I will take Caden to our regular pediatrician on Monday afternoon. In the meantime whatever it is has multiplied and our children have been cooped up in the house. I trust our pedi and have not have a misdiagnosis from him yet. I will let you know what he has.

Did I mention we then had to call all those people last night and tell them the party was postponed, I then also had to call everyone that we were with this week and keep going over the story and the symptoms to watch for, because as the doctor told me last night if it went untreated it could be fatal. I couldn't get ahold of a few people thankfully only 2 showed up for the party. It was cute long after they left and Evan prayed for dinner he was thankful that he had a little party and a few people showed up.

The blisters look like this, anyone want to try and diagnosis?


NO CADEN Look this way