Friday, May 30, 2008

I misplaced the camera for a few days so I don't have any new pictures but I have found it and will get some current ones up soon- we are having a multiperson birthday party tomorrow. The kids are doing great, Evan is finishing up school only a few more days- he is looking forward to the summer and a special vacation that we may be taking soon. Hannah is your typical two year old girl, talks nonstop and lets you know if you are not doing things right. She is pretty much a bully to Caden and at times to Evan. She is still learning that everything does not go her way and that she does not always get what she wants and no matter what she does she can not change things to go her way. It takes alot of people years and years to learn this, hopefully it won't take her that long.
Caden will be 1 next week, I can't belive it. He is starting to express his wants and has learned that he can cry and change his tone to let you know when he really does not like something. He enjoys being with the older kids and will follow as fast as his little hands and knees will take him. I have found a new addiction and it keeps me in the way of house work, thanks alot Kev for introducing me to Pathwords on Facebook! I can't really blame anyone else, nobody forces me to play I just do and Kev and I have an ongoing competition going on.

Medically we are all holding our own, Evan and I completed allergy testing and are pretty much allergic to all environmental things. Not really a shock to me but now we can get allergy shots and hopefully won't suffer as much as we do. I had a follow up to my ER visit and everything is looking good, all my blood work came back better still not normal but has come way down so it appears that I had some sort of infection and that was causing the irregular liver levels. Evan's asthma still comes and goes but we are able to maintain it without the constanst steroids. He is in the process of having his vision checked so we will see what that holds. Hannah and Caden will be going in for allergy testing next week and we will see what that brings. Probably it will turn out that Caden has bad allergies and poor Hannah has nothing so yet again she will get left out when we all go to the doctors for allergy shots :) Caden completed his vision test and seems to be seeing fine, we are still working on getting a reliable reading for a hearing test but we think he has at least on good ear. His next surgery will be schedule in the near future. Jason has allergies but seems to be getting better. I think that he is relieved that he works all day and doesn't have to go from doctors office to doctors office.