Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ER Visit

I received emails from some of you asking why I was in the ER on Saturday. I was having severe abdomen pains and went to the doctors they did some blood work. By the time I got home some of the results were in and my liver count was higher than normal. They sent me to the ER for more tests. We still do not know anything but are hoping it is something simple like my gall bladder. I had a flare up of this in December and that is the most logical explanation to what is going on. I go in next week for an ultrasound of my abdomen and we will be doing more blood work. The good news is that all the other tests have come back normal and the only thing elevated is the liver and it is not overly elevated.

Please be praying that we will get quick, accurate results and that everything will be okay.


bubba said...

i always new you were blonde.

bubba said...

i always knew you were blonde