Saturday, May 31, 2008


I love my kids!

Last night after we came home from Caden's hearing test I was changing his diaper and noticed that he had a blister on his leg. We were concerned but since it was the only one didn't think much about it and thought that maybe it was a bug bite. Except when 5 minutes later Evan came in and said "Mom does this look like Caden's". Evan had a smiliar one on his arm. With all those people coming to celebrate Evan's 8th, Caden's 1st and Jason's 35th birthday we decided to take them to the doctors. The doctor reassured me they didn't have the chicken pox and he was absolutely positive that they had a staph infection and needed to be put on antibiotics. He said that all the kids needed to be treated but Jason and I didn't. After getting home and talking to Jason, Kristen and my mom we were doubting the staph infection. Kristen & my mom saw pictures of it via the cell phone and said it looked a lot like chicken pox to them. We woke up this morning and Caden had a few more, we were still unsettled with the diagnosis the doctor gave him the night before so we all went back to Kaiser today. This doctor was almost positive it was not a staph infection, didn't think it was chicken pox and said it was probably not contagious. We went from one extreme to the other, one doctor telling us to seclude ourselves for a few days to a doctor today telling us to put our children in the church nursery even though we don't know what they have. We are opting out of this option and I will take Caden to our regular pediatrician on Monday afternoon. In the meantime whatever it is has multiplied and our children have been cooped up in the house. I trust our pedi and have not have a misdiagnosis from him yet. I will let you know what he has.

Did I mention we then had to call all those people last night and tell them the party was postponed, I then also had to call everyone that we were with this week and keep going over the story and the symptoms to watch for, because as the doctor told me last night if it went untreated it could be fatal. I couldn't get ahold of a few people thankfully only 2 showed up for the party. It was cute long after they left and Evan prayed for dinner he was thankful that he had a little party and a few people showed up.

The blisters look like this, anyone want to try and diagnosis?


NO CADEN Look this way

Friday, May 30, 2008

I misplaced the camera for a few days so I don't have any new pictures but I have found it and will get some current ones up soon- we are having a multiperson birthday party tomorrow. The kids are doing great, Evan is finishing up school only a few more days- he is looking forward to the summer and a special vacation that we may be taking soon. Hannah is your typical two year old girl, talks nonstop and lets you know if you are not doing things right. She is pretty much a bully to Caden and at times to Evan. She is still learning that everything does not go her way and that she does not always get what she wants and no matter what she does she can not change things to go her way. It takes alot of people years and years to learn this, hopefully it won't take her that long.
Caden will be 1 next week, I can't belive it. He is starting to express his wants and has learned that he can cry and change his tone to let you know when he really does not like something. He enjoys being with the older kids and will follow as fast as his little hands and knees will take him. I have found a new addiction and it keeps me in the way of house work, thanks alot Kev for introducing me to Pathwords on Facebook! I can't really blame anyone else, nobody forces me to play I just do and Kev and I have an ongoing competition going on.

Medically we are all holding our own, Evan and I completed allergy testing and are pretty much allergic to all environmental things. Not really a shock to me but now we can get allergy shots and hopefully won't suffer as much as we do. I had a follow up to my ER visit and everything is looking good, all my blood work came back better still not normal but has come way down so it appears that I had some sort of infection and that was causing the irregular liver levels. Evan's asthma still comes and goes but we are able to maintain it without the constanst steroids. He is in the process of having his vision checked so we will see what that holds. Hannah and Caden will be going in for allergy testing next week and we will see what that brings. Probably it will turn out that Caden has bad allergies and poor Hannah has nothing so yet again she will get left out when we all go to the doctors for allergy shots :) Caden completed his vision test and seems to be seeing fine, we are still working on getting a reliable reading for a hearing test but we think he has at least on good ear. His next surgery will be schedule in the near future. Jason has allergies but seems to be getting better. I think that he is relieved that he works all day and doesn't have to go from doctors office to doctors office.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

8 years in the making

I sat down to do a slide show of Evan. I have so many pictures that I had a hard time deciding, so I started with this and will add more when I can. I hope you enjoy watching him grow as much as I have

8 years in the making

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ER Visit

I received emails from some of you asking why I was in the ER on Saturday. I was having severe abdomen pains and went to the doctors they did some blood work. By the time I got home some of the results were in and my liver count was higher than normal. They sent me to the ER for more tests. We still do not know anything but are hoping it is something simple like my gall bladder. I had a flare up of this in December and that is the most logical explanation to what is going on. I go in next week for an ultrasound of my abdomen and we will be doing more blood work. The good news is that all the other tests have come back normal and the only thing elevated is the liver and it is not overly elevated.

Please be praying that we will get quick, accurate results and that everything will be okay.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

8 years ago today


Eight years ago today, I gave birth to my first born Evan! I had hoped to have a slideshow ready but spent the day in the ER yesterday so I don't have it but it is coming this week hopefully.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have been waiting for months for my skirt to go on sale at JcPenny's. I could not imagine spending $70.00 on a skirt, when I have 3 kids to clothe and feed. We went to penny's to get me some new shorts and they had one skirt left and it was my size. Then we get to the cashier and it didn't have a tag on it so she sold it to me even cheaper than it was online for. Now I want to go back and get matching shorts for the boys, they even have some in Jason's size and then get a matching skirt or dress for Hannah. The problem is Jason said that he and his boys will never plaid!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The kids and I have been sick for the past week with Respiratory infections. Three kids and one mom sick is not fun, Jason has managed to escape most of it. I took on a new job title, which I have actually had for almost 8 years now but never realized it. I am a pharmacist- And again poor Hannah gets the raw end of the deal and she only gets to take only one medicine one time a day, where the rest of us have to take ours multiple times a day.

Hannah, Evan (boxes & meds on left), Dawn, Caden (boxes & meds on right)

The boxes represent the breathing treatments, they each get both kinds between two and four times a day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Patriotic Performance

Here is a video from Evan's Patriotic Performance at School this week. He really enjoyed himself!

Play Time

What is this, three posts in one day!


Jason and the kids love it when I make Spaghetti with Meat Ball.
He helps clean uphe does the dishesWell not everyone enjoyes the spaghetti

Pictures from Washington

Here are a few pictures from out trip to Washington, I only have Ed's pictures but the rest of you could send yours to me. If you want to see all the pictures visit my shutterfly account at:

The Play (the main reason we all went)

The "Dodd" Clan (minus one)

Mother & Daughters

Ed & Brittany


And this is only half the family!

Caden enjoyed the one on one mom time

Caden & Uncle Ron

The Tour Director AKA Jim

The Oldest & The Youngest

Together Again!

What trip is complete without a self portrait!

Monday, May 5, 2008

We are home

Last Thursday Caden and I flew up to Washington to see my niece Brittany in her school play. It was a lot of firsts- the first time Caden flew on a plane, first time Caden went on Vacation, the first time I went on vacation without the kids, the first time Jason watched the kids for more than a few hours and the first time my family saw Cadens new face.

My inlaws came over Thursday at 10:30 (of course I was not packed yet!) and we left for the airport at 11:00. We arrived 2 hours before our departure time, I bought an expensive meal at Oakland airport and we hung out for a little while. We arrived in Seattle at 3:45, we were supposed to meet my sisters, two nieces and my mom (all coming in from Colorado) at4:30. Thanks to a freak snow storm in Colorado, on May 1st, they didn't take off before I landed in Seattle, Caden and I had another 2 hour wait at the Seattle Airport. This time I didn't spend $15.00 on a nasty meal. Our luggage was already waiting for us and we headed for the 1 1/2 drive to Olympia. Jodi, Meagan, Caden and I stayed at my brother Jim's house- Kristen, Cassie and my mom stayed at my aunt Noelle's house on the lake.

On Friday, Ed (Brian's brother) and Brian (Kristen's husband) arrived and Kev drove down from Bellevue- Ed took the train up and I guess he walked too much, he wasn't in town for more than a few hours and had to head over to the local ER for an infected blister on his foot. Brian went along for the ride! Friday was spent hanging out with my brothers, sisters, mom and dad. We saw all of my aunts and uncles a few of them came down to Olympia the entire time we were there.

Saturday was the play, it took some work but we arranged for 17 people to meet at the play and minus a few flashes (Ed) of the camera during the play it was uneventful. Brittany did fantastic, as usual. It was the first play of hers I actually got to see live, not on video! Saturday night my mom and all of her brothers and sister went to an auction that my uncle coordinated for The Knights of the Roundtable. My cousin and her family came over and the rest of us stayed at Aunt Noelle's and played games and visited. Kev organized the games so you all know we played some strange but fun games- and since it was Kev everyone played.

Sunday we drove to Bellevue for a BBQ- alot of my cousins came out of the woodwork and we had a Mini Family Reunion I guess the "DODD" Clan needs to head up more often- uneventful except Jim thought Ed & Brian let the air out of his tire but later found a nail in it!

I enjoyed my time away and the kids & Jason did well too. There were no major catastophe's, the only phone call I got other than to say Hi was one from Evan's school on Friday. His Asthma was out of control and he had been in the office 5 times by 2:00 for his inhaler. I was able to make the arrangements, they got him in and treated and he was still able to make it to a birthday party at 4:00.

Now I am back to my responsibilities as a mother and wife- You know I was almost childless the entire trip- all those relatives wanted to hold Caden and it seemed like every time the car with Caden was going one way, I was in the other car headed the opposite direction.

Most of the trip was going from here to there to see reletives, there were alot of people to squeeze in and many we didn't see. My brother Jim and Aunt Noelle arranged a "tour" for us to go on! I will post pictures as soon as I get some from Ed.