Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Wasn't I just saying that Naptime is going great. Well....

I put the kids to bed, Hannah was falling asleep in her high chair and was pretty much out when I put her in bed. I came out to the computer/fish room until Caden fell asleep. He was in the kitchen and I didn't want to keep him awake. I went to go check on the kids and Hannah’s door was locked, I tried calling her she didn’t answer, I went outside to make sure that the window had not been pried open (yes, I have watched to many movies) and tried looking in on her but with the blinds shut I couldn’t see. I panicked- I called Jason to see if we had a key he didn’t know of one- he told me to either wait until she woke up or to call Merle (grandpa). I was not going to wait 2 hours to find out something had happened to my daughter. I called Grandpa to see if he could come help me and he said he would get dressed and be right over. In the meantime I called Jodi (for someone to talk to) and she talked me through, trying to keep me calm but was concerned herself. Anyway, I pounded on the door again and called

me: Hannah, Hannah
Hannah: - What,
me: Is anyone in there with you
Hannah: - no answer -
me: is Mommy there-
Hannah: NO
me: is Evan
Hannah: NO
me: is Daddy
Hannah: Yes (okay my imagination runs wild and I thought maybe someone is in there with her)
so I asked again and she said NO, I said who’s in there Nana (what she calles herself) and Dolly (her baby doll).

I had her unlock the door and I checked the room to make sure she was alone. I hung up from Jodi and called Grandpa not to come over and took the door handle off.

I then asked Hannah why she locked the door and she said because she wanted to play!
She must have woken up right when I put her in bed, got up locked the door and went to the closet to play!


Carly Peters said...

How scary. Husbands are so funny. How could you wait 2 hours. That makes me laugh. Glad she is ok.