Monday, April 28, 2008

I was sitting her thinking today how blessed we are with the children that God has given to us. We have faced our many challenges with these children but God has gotten us through those times. I hear horror stories from other parents on teething, nap time and transitioning their baby's to new beds and we have had very few problems. None of my kids had horrible teething issues where they would wake up screaming and have a hard time going back to sleep night after night. We may have had a night here or a night there but nothing that too impressionable. I was dreading putting Hannah in her big girl bed because she is very independent and I thought she would constantly get up and out and bedtime and nap time would be a struggle. She has been in her "Big Girl Bed" for a little over a week and with the exception of naptime on Saturday she has not had a single issue. I think the only reason she had a problem on Saturday was because Evan had a friend over and she didn't want to miss anything. Up until last week Caden slept in a swing, to keep his head elevated, we put him in Hannah's crib and only the first night did he stand and cry for 30 minutes, but now we put him in bed he rolls over to his tummy and cries for a few minutes but goes to sleep. Hannah, Caden and Josiah (the boy I babysit) all take long naps in the afternoon and do not put up a fight for it. Which it is nap time so I should be getting something done.


Carly Peters said...

Caden looks so good, aren't you so excited. You can barely tell he had a cleft lip. Yeah, that makes me more happy we got Dr. Yokoo.