Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yesterday Ed and I took the kids to the carnival at the local high school while Jason went fishing. There was not a whole lot Hannah could do but we let the kids play one of those carnival games where you throw the ball into the fishbowl and you win a fish if you do it. It was pretty windy out but we managed to get a ball in the bowl. Evan spent the night at aunties and played video games with Uncle Ed and that babies and I came home. I should have waited for Jason ( the keeper of our many fish tanks) but I didn't I decided to transfer the fish to a bowl like I had seen Jason do many times into the tank, well I must have missed a step because I killed the fish. I guess fish don't like too warm of water! When I saw Evan at church this morning he was teary and sad about the fish. Jason told him we can go get another one (I won't touch it this time) but the kids REALLY want a puppy instead!


Carly Peters said...

Do you want our dog? Just kidding the kids would kill me. Poor Evan, such a sad face.