Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Hannah

Hannah has anxiously been waiting three things today, the first was to take Caden to the doctor the second is to go to Aunties for dinner. She has her shirt picked out, the Tinkerbell one Meagan bought her for her birthday. And the third is tonight is her first night sleeping in the big girl bed. Evan will sleep on the top bunk, unless he spends the night at aunties (hint hint) and she will sleep on the bottom. I am sure I will have an update on that after we spend a few nights with her free and able to escape. Look out baby gate here comes trouble.
All day can be along time for a 2 year old- she passed time by either empting half of a roll of toilet paper in the toilet (sorry no picture) , climbing on the toilet to get the tooth paste (again no picture) or sitting out and watching Daddy clean out his paint equipment. On most days this is the excitement of the day unless of course we are going to the doctors (you think I am kidding but ask Auntie).