Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Wasn't I just saying that Naptime is going great. Well....

I put the kids to bed, Hannah was falling asleep in her high chair and was pretty much out when I put her in bed. I came out to the computer/fish room until Caden fell asleep. He was in the kitchen and I didn't want to keep him awake. I went to go check on the kids and Hannah’s door was locked, I tried calling her she didn’t answer, I went outside to make sure that the window had not been pried open (yes, I have watched to many movies) and tried looking in on her but with the blinds shut I couldn’t see. I panicked- I called Jason to see if we had a key he didn’t know of one- he told me to either wait until she woke up or to call Merle (grandpa). I was not going to wait 2 hours to find out something had happened to my daughter. I called Grandpa to see if he could come help me and he said he would get dressed and be right over. In the meantime I called Jodi (for someone to talk to) and she talked me through, trying to keep me calm but was concerned herself. Anyway, I pounded on the door again and called

me: Hannah, Hannah
Hannah: - What,
me: Is anyone in there with you
Hannah: - no answer -
me: is Mommy there-
Hannah: NO
me: is Evan
Hannah: NO
me: is Daddy
Hannah: Yes (okay my imagination runs wild and I thought maybe someone is in there with her)
so I asked again and she said NO, I said who’s in there Nana (what she calles herself) and Dolly (her baby doll).

I had her unlock the door and I checked the room to make sure she was alone. I hung up from Jodi and called Grandpa not to come over and took the door handle off.

I then asked Hannah why she locked the door and she said because she wanted to play!
She must have woken up right when I put her in bed, got up locked the door and went to the closet to play!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I was sitting her thinking today how blessed we are with the children that God has given to us. We have faced our many challenges with these children but God has gotten us through those times. I hear horror stories from other parents on teething, nap time and transitioning their baby's to new beds and we have had very few problems. None of my kids had horrible teething issues where they would wake up screaming and have a hard time going back to sleep night after night. We may have had a night here or a night there but nothing that too impressionable. I was dreading putting Hannah in her big girl bed because she is very independent and I thought she would constantly get up and out and bedtime and nap time would be a struggle. She has been in her "Big Girl Bed" for a little over a week and with the exception of naptime on Saturday she has not had a single issue. I think the only reason she had a problem on Saturday was because Evan had a friend over and she didn't want to miss anything. Up until last week Caden slept in a swing, to keep his head elevated, we put him in Hannah's crib and only the first night did he stand and cry for 30 minutes, but now we put him in bed he rolls over to his tummy and cries for a few minutes but goes to sleep. Hannah, Caden and Josiah (the boy I babysit) all take long naps in the afternoon and do not put up a fight for it. Which it is nap time so I should be getting something done.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Men & Diapers

Jason works with paint fumes and chemicals all day I don't understand why he can't handle an occasional messy diaper. As I was working on this a friend of mine sent me the video that went right along with this post.


We have are own plumber here. I was so proud that Hannah went in and went potty by herself today, I went in to check on her and this is want I found (that is a plunger in her hand)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yesterday Ed and I took the kids to the carnival at the local high school while Jason went fishing. There was not a whole lot Hannah could do but we let the kids play one of those carnival games where you throw the ball into the fishbowl and you win a fish if you do it. It was pretty windy out but we managed to get a ball in the bowl. Evan spent the night at aunties and played video games with Uncle Ed and that babies and I came home. I should have waited for Jason ( the keeper of our many fish tanks) but I didn't I decided to transfer the fish to a bowl like I had seen Jason do many times into the tank, well I must have missed a step because I killed the fish. I guess fish don't like too warm of water! When I saw Evan at church this morning he was teary and sad about the fish. Jason told him we can go get another one (I won't touch it this time) but the kids REALLY want a puppy instead!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Evan & Flashback Friday

I haven't forgotten either one of these. Evan is at aunties (where he went after school) and I am working on the other.

Enjoy Friday Hannah & Caden.

Friday Hannah

Hannah has anxiously been waiting three things today, the first was to take Caden to the doctor the second is to go to Aunties for dinner. She has her shirt picked out, the Tinkerbell one Meagan bought her for her birthday. And the third is tonight is her first night sleeping in the big girl bed. Evan will sleep on the top bunk, unless he spends the night at aunties (hint hint) and she will sleep on the bottom. I am sure I will have an update on that after we spend a few nights with her free and able to escape. Look out baby gate here comes trouble.
All day can be along time for a 2 year old- she passed time by either empting half of a roll of toilet paper in the toilet (sorry no picture) , climbing on the toilet to get the tooth paste (again no picture) or sitting out and watching Daddy clean out his paint equipment. On most days this is the excitement of the day unless of course we are going to the doctors (you think I am kidding but ask Auntie).

Friday Caden

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to look for something like this?




You ask "What am I looking and and why is that room so messy"?

Answer: You are looking at pictures of Caden's Obturator, mouth piece like a retainer that helps keep his mouth from collapsing. The top two pictures are the livingroom and the bottom is the playroom that I have not been able to get in and clean this week because I have either been on a field trip with Evan or like today taking Caden to the doctors for his post op and yesterday I was just plum tired after my darling daughter decided to wake the household up at 6:30.

Anyway, Caden is very talented and takes his obturator out of his mouth and carries it around with him. When you go to throw a diaper away, do the dishes or make a potty run is about the time he decides it is time to come out and then we are on a mad dash looking for it. And pray that Hannah and Josiah did not decide to pick it up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to me!

Happy Anniversary to me!

Happy 3rd year anniversary to me!


When I started this blog I thought how hard could it be to put a few pictures up and write some words every day. I am beginning to wonder about the type of person that posts multiple postings a day. Where do they have the time!! I am lucky if I even have the time to think about it!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Flashback Friday

I am going to try and flashback to an event in the past on Fridays. This week it is bringing you up to date on our life from the beginning by a pictorial blog, I left gaps so that I can have some fun on later Friday's. Unfortunately I don't have early pictures of Evan on the computer but I an work on that and get them in on a Friday.

It all started with mommy as a little girl

(Back: Aunt Nancy, Grandma Betty Front left Mommy, Aunt Kristen, Aunt Jodi, Cousin Jen)

Along came Evan

We meet Jason:

The Wedding:

11 months later along came Hannah

14 months later (and 6 weeks early) came Caden