Monday, March 31, 2008

Pre- Op

Thankfully between Auntie and Uncle Ed I didn't have to take two 2 year olds to the marathon pre-op appointment. We left the house a little after noon and did not get back to Auntie's until almost 6. She made a nice dinner and invited The Gotz Family over for dinner (whew no dinner or dishes for me tonight). We saw the Anesthesiologist, admitting nurse, pre-op nurse, life specialist and then spent another hour getting a pre surgery physical. Caden went crazy when I set him down on the exam table, he crawled back and forth and tore that paper up like mad. Three hours of being confined to his stroller was enough!

Surgery is still scheduled for Thursday and I am sure we will have to be there at the wee hours of 6:00 AM. Some of you didn't know I was alive at that time (neither did I).